Owners Jim and Charlotte Schluraff

Jim and Charlotte Schluraff
PO Box 568565
Orlando, Florida 32856-8565

July 9, 1999

Mirage Manufacturing Co.
3001 N.E. 20th Way
Gainesville, FL 32609

To Everyone,
Seldom in life does a product come along that exceeds your expectations and I never expected a boat to be one. Our mirage 34’ SF continues to be the most satisfying boat we have ever owned, including a 30’ Rybo Runner, a 30’ Intrepid and a 38’ Knowles. We have a reputation of fishing in bad weather and this is without a doubt the driest and most solid boat we have ever been on, it’s really difficult to get wet regardless of the seas and wind, if the big boys go out so do we.

The detail and extra effort Mirage spent in the construction, rigging, installation of systems and the very best hardware available is evident every time we use the boat. Maintenance has been minimal but when necessary it is truly a pleasure to find the ease of any job due to your design, construction and installation being so well thought out. If we bought another boat today it would unquestionably be another Mirage and there wouldn’t be any changes.

We had the boat in Cape Canaveral, Florida for March through part of June and used it to go Yellow Fin tuna fishing running between 200 and 300 miles each trip and every trip was a success. The 400-gallon fuel capacity was more than needed since we averaged over 1 mile to the gallon, in June we ran the boat to Summerland Key – 350 miles using 277 gallons. We spend about equal time in trolling, wreck fishing, anchored for yellowtail snapper and driving – the boat does everything to perfection.

Everyone at Mirage was a joy to work with so thanks to everybody involved for building a wonderful boat.


Jim Schluraff


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