Owner John Hawkins

John Hawkins
301 Bremen Ave.
Pensacola, FL 32507

July 17, 2001

Sorry about the delay in writing. You wanted to know how the Mirage 34’ I bought was holding up. Well, all I can say is this hull is phenomenal! You can fish in heavy seas without feeling vulnerable, however with any boat you have to use common sense, but running 23 knots in 6 foot seas has got to make any fisherman smile.

I’ve never run a center console/offshore boat that is as fishing friendly as the Mirage 34’. There’s really no comparison to any boat in it’s class.

From a fisherman’s standpoint, the boat works with you and not against you, as in many cases. For instance, when you boat a big fish, you simply open the opposite fish box, which is enormous and steer the fish in and shut the hatch until he settles down. Very safe and you are using your fishing time more wisely by getting the cockpit organized and back to fishing.

It is a truly awesome fishing machine. You’ve got muscle, looks and speed with this boat, but above all it is virtually DRY!!
In my opinion, Mirage 34’ is sport fishing excellence.

John Hawkins


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