Lou Codega - Naval Architect

Lou Codega, the designer, comments

The commission to design a boat like the Great Harbour 37 is one that I have looked forward to for a long time, and it is exciting to see her take shape. My “design philosophy” has been quite simple, really: to create, within the general parameters given, a boat that I would like to own and cruise myself. I’ve taken ideas from many sources, but I’ve tried, first and foremost, to meld them into a boat that is easy to live on and live with.

Work boat heritage. The hull reflects a strong workboat heritage, with fine waterlines forward, deep sections amidships, and a flat run aft. I think that this is appropriate, as a workboat must earn its keep 365 days a year and care for its crew, regardless of the weather. She will be easily driven and comfortable in a sea. Scantlings are to commercial standards. The machinery and systems are intended to be simple, accessible, easily maintained and redundant.

 My favorite spot. I’m sure that my favorite spot on the boat will be the pilot house. I can see myself sitting behind the big wheel, chart laid out on the console, watching the world travel by. Everything has been laid out for safe, efficient operation. The settee behind lets the crew have the same great view without getting in the way. The bulwark out to the bridge wings creates a safe place to be while maneuvering and navigating, and whenever the weather is nice. All around visibility will be excellent, and the forward sloping windows will eliminate glare. The Portuguese bridge eases access, protects the bridge and crew, and makes clean windows an achievable goal.

 An honest craft for real sized people with real sized needs. I also like the interior and deck space that the overall dimensions permit. They allow the Great Harbour 37 to travel with all of the comforts and most of the space of a waterfront condominium. We have tried very hard to avoid the glitz and gimmicks that are common on so many modern boats. This will be an honest craft, built to accommodate real size people with real size needs. The galley is designed to accommodate full size household appliances, which are proven to be reliable and economical. The saloon will take the favorite sofa and reading table. Beach chairs will be ideal on the boat deck. This approach, which has been carried throughout the boat, saves initial and maintenance costs, and infinite frustration in the future. Interior finish will be New England traditional, with off white panels and varnished cherry trim. Light, airy and easy to maintain.

 I like her. In a few words, I would describe the Great Harbour 37 as comfortable, practical, economical, reliable and undemanding of her crew. I am sure that I am going to like her. Feel free to contact me at: lou@loucodegana.com

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