Lou Codega, N.A. - Selected Design Projects



      • 21', 23',  26’ and 32’ Production Sportfishermen (Regulator Marine)
      • Outboard and gas/diesel outdrive power,  GRP construction. Developed design and engineering packages for complete product line of center console and express sportfishermen including lines, arrangements, structures and construction details. All of these boats feature an innovative molded fiberglass structural grillage that replaces traditional plywood or foam stringers, greatly simplifying construction and increasing structural integrity. "In their respective size ranges, there are no better riding, better built or more seaworthy boats than Regulators." (Sport Fishing Magazine, February 1996.)  (Louis T. Codega, Naval Architect, P.C.)
      • 25’, 28’, 32’ and 35' Production Sportfishermen (Carolina Classic Boats)
        Gas/diesel outdrive and gas/diesel inboard power,  GRP construction. Since the company's start, have produced complete design and engineering packages for three models of express sportfishermen. This has included lines, arrangements, structures, construction arrangements and details, and appendages. "It's built solid, runs soft and dry, and will get you to the bluewater grounds when other boats are still tied to the dock, waiting for a break in the weather." (Trailer Boats, May 1994.)  (Louis T. Codega, Naval Architect, P.C.)
      • 30’ Semi-custom Sportfisherman (Bluewater Yachts)
      • Diesel inboard, cored GRP one-off construction.  Developed complete design and engineering package, including lines and offsets, structural engineering, shaft struts and rudders for this classic North Carolina sportfisherman.  The prototype has just been launched and it will be going into limited production. (Louis T. Codega, Naval Architect P.C.)
      • 31', 35’ and 45'  Production Sportfishermen (Cabo Yachts)
      • Diesel inboard power, solid and cored GRP construction. Have developed design and engineering packages for 31’ and 45’ express sportfishermen for this highly regarded company, considered by many to be the finest production boats in the country. These have included lines, arrangements, structures, and custom appendages. Redesigned the running surfaces of the 35’ express and flying bridge sportfishermen. "The Cabo 31 makes high-speed turns like an outboard boat, banking into the turn and carving a tight arc ." (Sportfishing, April 1996.) The Cabo 45 was named "Boat of the Year" for 1997 by "Boating" magazine.  (Louis T. Codega, Naval Architect, P.C.)
      • 33' and 40' Assault Craft
      • Twin gas outdrive power, cored carbon/Kevlar/glass composite construction. Developed three classes of these deep-V hulled special operations boats, all having top speeds of well over 55 knots. Developed design parameters and capabilities; presented and defended same to the highest levels. Led a team of engineers responsible for complete design and engineering package, including hull form, structural design, arrangements, propulsion and auxiliary systems. Lead technical person for entire source selection process. Supervised contractors’ detail design, scheduling and all aspects of construction. Responsible for electronics, armament and trailer integration, and for crafts’ integration into numerous transportation systems. Planned and conducted acceptance trials, transportation trials, and boats’ integration into operational forces. (Combatant Craft Engineering Dept.)
      • 37' and 47’ Production Motor Yachts (Mirage Manufacturing Great Harbour and Navigator Lines)
      • Developed design and engineering package for long range, displacement fiberglass motor yachts. The boats features a reliable, economic propulsion system and tankage for a range of over 2500 NM. Accommodations are generous for boats of this length and include two and three staterooms and enclosed pilot houses with wrap-around bridge wings.  (Louis T. Codega, Naval Architect, P.C.)
      • 42' Patrol Boat (United States Navy)
      • Twin diesel power/waterjet propulsion, aluminum construction. Provided complete marine engineering package and  powering and range analysis, including structural foundations, equipment selection, auxiliary systems design and calculations. (Louis T. Codega, Naval Architect, P.C.)
      • 39', 53' and 58' Custom Sportfishermen (Rybovich Boat Works)
      • Twin diesel inboard power, cold molded wood construction. Developed lines and offsets, provided powering analysis and structural engineering and arrangements, and designed custom shaft struts. (Donald L. Blount and Associates)
      • 63' Custom Sportfisherman (Hines/Farley Yachts)
      • Twin diesel inboard, one-off cored Kevlar/glass construction. Developed lines and offsets, performed structural design and powering  analysis, designed custom shaft struts and tiller arms, and provided engineering support during construction. This boat had a trial speed of 43 1/2 knots, fully loaded, with a tower, and is the fastest boat of its size, weight and power known. "I can honestly say that I have never been on a better built, more beautiful or better performing sport-fishing boat . . .ever" (Marlin Magazine, March 1996)  (Louis T. Codega, Naval Architect, P.C.)
      • 82' Patrol Craft (Trinity Marine Group)
      • Triple diesel inboard/Arneson drive, cored Kevlar/glass construction. Developed structural design and powering calculations for 60 knot prototype craft. Provided structural design for production craft currently in service with a foreign navy. Lead engineer, responsible for developing complete proposal design package for US Navy Mk V SOC procurement, including structures, powering, weight, propulsion and stability calculations, machinery layout, systems design and arrangements. Developed contractor’s proposal package relating to all technical aspects of the craft. Coordinated the integration of electronics, weapons and low-observables technology into the design. Developed construction drawings and details. This boat was one of three craft selected by the Navy for prototype construction.  (Louis T. Codega, Naval Architect, P.C.)
      • 220' Motor Yacht (MY Destriero)
      • Triple gas turbine/waterjet drive, aluminum  construction. Performed power  and  range calculations and voyage simulations, developed design details for hull and machinery, and reviewed model and full scale test reports and construction drawings. This vessel is capable of well over 60 knots and was the largest aluminum craft built. It holds the current Transatlantic speed record for non-refueled, as well as refueled, west to east crossings, and for combined east-west, west-east crossings. (Donald L. Blount and Associates)

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