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Mirage Manufacturing entered the trawler market in March 1997 with the launch of the first Great Harbour 37. Mirage has been in business since 1971 building sailboats and later sportfish boats, but by the 1990s it had become increasingly clear to us that the boating world was undergoing a quiet revolution. Increasingly, Baby Boomers - mostly married couples - were getting out of their sailboats and turning to power, not in a repudiation of sail but as a continuation and expansion of their cruising lifestyles into retirement.

Mirage’s response was the GH37, as fine a liveaboard as ever has plied America’s more than 18,000 miles of coastline and inland waterways. The success of the 37 led to the March 2000 launch of our flagship, the Great Harbour 47. Then, late in 2001, Mirage added the Great Harbour N37, a handy long-range cruiser, to its trawler fleet. The N37 was particularly well received by the marine press, and the kudos just keep coming

We invite you to wander through our site and see for yourself what all the excitement is about. We’ve got photos, plans, specs and more... And, if you think we’re missing anything you’d like to see, please drop us a note.

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Great Harbour 37

Great Harbour N37

Great Harbour 47

Mirage unveils
deckhouse N47
trawler yacht

Sufficient range, stability
for a Transatlantic crossing

Read the news release,
inspect the interior layouts

And now, a unique training program for new trawler owners

 "There's a hole in the process of helping people transition into trawlers from smaller power and sailboats, and we feel that CruisePro fills this void. We've been hearing about the need for such a program for years, so why not be the first boatbuilder to incorporate that kind of service into boat-buying?”
—Ken Fickett
President, Mirage Manufacturing

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