GH37 Owners

How did two people born and raised in Montana decide to completely change their life style and live aboard a boat? It wasn’t easy, as Judy Koetitz explains in an article originally published in Living Aboard magazine. Read about how she and husband Gene came to choose their Great Harbour 37, which they have named Lo Que Sea


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Earl and Pat DeHart have been living aboard C-View for some time now. They are currently at their home base in Palatka, Florida.


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Sue and Paul Graham just finished the Great Loop on their Great Harbour 37 Odyssey , in They are now spending their third winter in the Bahamas. They have thouroughly chronicled their adventures in words and photographs.


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Christine and Terry Smith have finally cut the lines and have headed out. Recently retired, they cast off from Texas and are cruising the East Coast.


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When they are not in Florida, Ted and Terry Woehr offer training charters along the Erie Canal System in New York or whereever else life aboard Berlie Mae takes them. Contact them to find out more.


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