Founder, Owner and President - Ken Fickett

Ken fickett started his boatbuilding career as a boy working afternoons in one of the last wooden boat shops on the Miami River. Sweeping up, caring for tools and acting as a gofer, he learned boat building from one of the best.

35 years later he’s still at it! Having started his own boat building company, Mirage Manufacturing, in Gainesville, Florida at the same spot on N.E. 20th where he finds himself today. Same address! Same phone number for more than 30 years!

He’s built some of the most competitive MORC racing sailboats, high performance airplanes, a line of fast, offshore sportfishing boats and now, a line of unique trawlers, the Great Harbour series--GH37, GH47 and the Great Harbour N37.

Learn more about Ken Fickett’s philosophy in an interview he recently gave to PassageMaker Magazine.

Ken Fickett checks the oil on board “Semper Fi,” the prototype of the Great Harbour N37 trawler.

King of Boats

Read a profile of Ken Fickett published in the Gainesville Sun newspaper

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