March 2006 News

APRIL 2006

A surge in orders means expansion of the workforce. Help us by sending those talented boatyard artisans our way. Good pay, benefits opportunities.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Pardon the two-month delay since the last newsletter. Your editor is operating out of the Bahamas and has had to overcome some technical challenges to produce and transmit the newsletter while living aboard. We think we’re back on track now, so stay tuned.

Good times keep on rolling in Gainesville

The Miami International Boat Show yielded yet another N37 sale, this time from a customer who had previously chartered our factory boat Semper Fi on the St. Johns River.

The upshot is that the next available start for a new 37-foot trawler is October with production on schedule for well into 2007. There is a June start date available for one 47.

In order to ensure timely deliveries, Mirage has suspended production of its 32-foot sportfish boat indefinitely. Over the past 18 years, nearly 70 of these boats were delivered.

No. It doesn't stand for

Hull No. 1 of the new N47 well along

Construction of the new N47 is well underway, as you can see from the hull layup (above) and capping of the integral tanks (at right). The first N47 belonging to retired Gainesville pediatrician Tom Zavelson and his wife Gail will be called Gale Force.

Berlie Mae’s pilot house is removed last spring in preparation for trucking her back to the factory.

Berlie Mae reborn!
Berlie Mae, the GH37 belonging to Ted and Terry Woehr, fell off its jack stands nearly a year ago while hauled for work at Green Cove Springs Marina in Florida. The boat, which displaces 47,000 pounds, fell four feet and the hull suffered a breach. Bystanders initially though a propane tank had exploded so loud was the sound.

Well stand by, the boat is back in the water after being fully restored back at the Mirage factory. In the coming months, you can expect, to read the compelling story of how her liveaboard owners dealt with two insurance companies to get their vessel back to mint condition.

Moreover, they are back in business. Ted and Terry conduct training charters, teaching prospective owners how to dock, drive and anchor a GH37, lessons which can be applied to any Great Harbour trawler. Click here to write Ted and Terry.

The author charges an assembly of iguanas on Leaf Cay in the Exumas to see if they would scatter. They ignored him.


By Peter Swanson

More trawlers needed to explore the Exumas

On the cruise of the Bahamian island chain the author sees first hand why shoal draft and twin screws are the right stuff to explore the aquamarine waters of the Exumas. For the story and photos, click here.

...Meanwhile, a few N37 charters still
available for the Abacos this summer

Whether you want to “try before you buy” or just explore these beautiful northern Bahamian cruising grounds, the N37 factory boat Semper Fi will allow you to accomplish your goal in style. Mirage Manufacturing plans to station Semper Fi in the Abacos for the months of June, July and August, which happen to be the best months to be on a boat in these islands. With eight weeks scheduled, there are only a few slots left. Make one these weeks yours by emailing Eric Kraft.